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New Donghua in 2024: iQIYI’s Upcoming Series Announcement List


2023 was an incredible year for every donghua fans, one of an leading donghua producer, iQIYI animation making a huge contribution. From a new season of ‘The Land of Miracles’ and ‘Star Martial God Technique’ to new addition in donghua world, such as, ‘The Great Ruler’ (TGR) and ‘Alchemy Supreme’.

Naturally, 2024 cannot fall behind, on April 24, iQIYI’s official channel announced upcoming series releasing in coming year.As of now, the release time of some series has already been announced, while several series have yet to reveal their release date. We bring you a list of 15 upcoming donghua series to watch in 2024. We will keep updating you, whenever the official dates gets confirmed, so stay tuned.


Rebirth of Immortal Emperor (Shenwu Tianzun) :


  • Release Date – Summer 2024
  • Total Episodes – 24
  • Producer – iQIYI
  • Themes – Action, adventure, historical
  • Director – Tang Yan
  • Voice-over – Zhao Qianjing and Chen Zhang

A Man who was betrayed by his close friend Li Yunfei and died. Coincidentally,his soul remained immortal and unexpectedly, it happened to Xiao Chen, a dying disciple of Qingyun Sect. After rebirth, Xiao Chen not only resurrected, but also awakened his supreme magical powers. He also resolved to regain everything that belongs to him and began a unique journey as the “God of all heavens”.

The Peerless Battle Spirit (Jue Shi Zhan Hun) :

  • Release date – 27 April, 2024
  • Total Episodes – Unknown
  • Producer – iQIYI
  • Themes – Action, adventure, martial arts

The main Protagonist named Qian Nan with his hard work and natural talent and a special power called the God of War Spirit, defeated the Fang Family with the help of an impartial judge named Jiao Qinggzu. After entering the sect, Qian Nan developed a hatred towards Ouyang Jun, the sect leader’s son, due to involvement in Xiao Qiangzu’s forced marriage.

In order to get stronger and avenge Xiao Qiangzu , Qian Nan fought and defeated powerful enemies and entered a top training spot, he gained popularity throughout the continent.

Legend of Soldier

legend-of-soldier-2024-lucifer-donghua.l (1)
  • Release date – 28 April, 2024
  • Total Episodes – 26
  • Producer – Tencent Penguin Picture
  • Studio – Motion Magic
  • Director – Peng Fei, Pan Wei
  • Themes – Sci-fi,action, Adventure

Tang Long, an ordinary guy, after graduation from school, enters a military school. Under the guidance of harsh instructor, he undergoes training, receives military qualification and became the captain of a space combat ship. After a series of success battle, he faces the biggest challenge of his life, his opponent ‘Silve Eagle Empire’ was ready to destroy an entire Star in order to destroy Tang Long Warships.

Tales of Demon and Gods (Yao Shen Ji) Season 8

  • Release date – 30 April, 2024
  • Total Episodes – 52
  • Producer – Tencent Penguin Picture
  • Studio – Ruohong Culture
  • Themes – Demon, martial arts

The new season of “Tales of Demon and Gods” will begin with 329th episode, consisting of a total of 52 episodes (up to 380 episode). It episodes will be broadcast on Tuesday and Saturday.

Absolute Resonance Season 1

  • Release date – Unknown
  • Total Episodes – 36
  • Producer – iQIYI
  • Director – Xu Zheng
  • Themes – Action, adventure, historical

A young master of Luolan Mansion, Li Luo, is extremely talented and was born with three zodiac signs, he has difficulty in cultivation due to natural emptiness. His childhood fiancee, Jiang Qing possesses exceptional talent with a Ninth-Grade light affinity. Realising the gap between them, Li Luo seek to end their engagement but was rejected by Jiang Qing. On his seventeenth birthday, Li Luo inherits a secret treasure from his parents, gaining the Water-Light phase at the cost of shorting his lifespan. To prolong his life, he must attain the feudal state within five years.

Immortal Swordman of the Ciber Age (Saibo Jian Xian Tie Yu) :

  • Release date – 2024
  • Total Episodes – 12
  • Producer – iQIYI
  • Director – Chen Baijun
  • Themes – Action, adventure, fantasy

The main protagonist, Fan Bailu a terminally I’ll person who was frozen for thousand of years and woke up in a complete new world. Here, advanced technology and cyberpunk coexist with ancient heritage and improvement practices. Fan Bailu, who has a small shop where he earns a living, but unexpectedly he finds himself in troubles with the affairs of Immortals.


Half Star :

  • Release date – 2024
  • Total Episodes – 15
  • Director – Chen Wen
  • Producer – iQIYI
  • Dubbing – Wai Wai, Xu Jiaqi etc.
  • Themes – Sci-fi, Actio, adventure

An epic clash of forces, humanity’s strongest “Monster Hunter” Verses the Alien “Big Monster King”. Amid a narrative rich with the theme of strength and sweetness, this story delves into the complexity of love, betrayal and ultimate sacrifice. As the story progresses the heroes relationship evolve from passionate love to heartbreaking betrayal, culminating in a final battle where they must confront their feelings. And ultimate sacrifice has to be made to save the world. Their journey is a poignant exploitation of love, loss and the profound choices.

Golden Guard: The Wind Rises in Jinling :

  • Release date – 2024
  • Total Episodes – 16
  • Themes – Action, martial arts
  • Producer – iQIYI
  • Director – Chen Zhandong
  • Dubbing – Jin Xian, Yan Tianxiang, Zhao Yitong

The story starts with the main character Qin Ming and Bai Qi being selected to join the rank of Golden Guard and serve as a firefighter of the fire protection division in Jinling City. Bai Qi who is good at solving puzzles, the other is a guy from the streets who is good with sword. During the thunder and fire case, they meet the first girl in the Jinling police department, Jin Yifei, to overcome internal contradictions, the trio begin to investigate the mysterious things happening in the city.

Galaxy of Seven Kingdoms

  • Release date – 2024
  • Total Episodes – 15
  • Producer – iQIYI
  • Director – Zhang Shihua
  • Themes – Martial arts, adventure

After the decline of Beichen Dynasty, the connection between galaxies shattered into nothingness, causing the seven heroes of “Combat” realm to reappear. Years later, a young traveler find a red box containing enough power to swallow the galaxy. At the same time, the war continue to rage, reducing the chance of human civilization’s survival. The only hope of solving everything rests on the solders of four teenagers.

The Proud Alchemy God

  • Release date – 2024
  • Total Episodes – 12
  • Producer – iQIYI
  • Director – Zhang Yuanjie
  • Themes – Martial arts, action, historical

Chen Xiang who was born crippled, in order to change his destiny, he made a desperate move, and went to a dangerous place to find medicine in order to open up his veins. He accidentally rescued two insured God and demon, by their guidence, he awakened his devine vein and became a Alchemy God.

Three Heroes and Five Righteousness

  • Release date – 2024
  • Total Episodes – 12
  • Producer – iQIYI
  • Director – Zhou Lei
  • Themes – Action, fantasy, martial arts

On the night of Lantern festival, sixteen people died mysteriously and the young hero Zhan Zhao was misunderstood as the murderer. In order to clear his grievances, he fought bloody battle and finally uncovered the truth. But, the real enemy was far beyond his imagination.

A Moment But Forever (Tian Xia Wu Shuang)

  • Release date – 2024
  • Total Episodes – 14
  • Studio – Oriental Creative Color (OCC)
  • Producer – iQIYI
  • Director – Zou Yan
  • Themes – Love – Romance

The Goddess of the organisation descend to earth to retrieve the hand of God, break the rules and changes her destiny, goes through unparalleled love and achieve a double cultivation in career and love. Let’s see how the heroine who got the scrip of hot-blooded boy comic uses the machine skill to counterattack all the way.

The Age of Spritual Flow :

  • Release date – 2024
  • Total Episodes – 16
  • Producer – iQIYI
  • Director – Li Pengxiang
  • Themes – Action, fantasy, martial arts

The Spiritual energy reviews and the devilish race descends into the world. At the critical moment of mankind, the protagonist reverse time and space and using countless feats and training experience in his previous life, embarks on a breathtaking path of revenge.

Against the Gods Season 2

  • Release date – Early 2025
  • Total Episodes – Unknown
  • Director – Peng Fei
  • Producer – iQIYI
  • Themes – Action, fantasy, martial arts

The Upcoming new year’s episodes will undergo a comprehensive production upgrade, featuring refined characters, smoother camera movement, meticulously crafted action scenes and enhance visual effects to create a more captivating viewing experience. This upgrade will ensure a visual stunning presentation, providing viewers with continuous stream of uninterrupted updates throughout the year, promising a visual feast that will captivate and engage audiences.

Sou Shen Ji :

  • Release date – 2024
  • Total Episodes – 18
  • Director – Huang Jian
  • Studio – China Film
  • Producer – iQIYI
  • Themes – historical, martial arts

The story take place in the barbaric era where Emperor Yan and Emperor Huang lived. At the time when heroes are competing for power in the Central Plains. The universally acknowledged leader, Emperor Shenwu Nong, passes away, leaving a void that ignite the ambitions of heroes hailing from the Metal, Woods, Water, Fire and Earth races. Amidst this turbulent era, a young boy named Tuoba Ye was born, by chance he received the final inheritance of Emperor Shenwu Nong, Tuoba Ye sets out on an exciting legendary journey, marking the beginning of an epic saga.



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