Top10 Donghua & chinese Anime Like Jade Dynasty (Zhu Xian) That You Should Check Out Next.

Jade Dynasty or Zhu Xian had been one of the most promising donghua we had from Tencent’s lineup in 2022 and it only keeps on getting better. This is another cultivation story but with quite a bit of drama and a little more appealing and pleasing in the eyes as the donghua had been a visually aesthetic experience thus far.

And if you’re like me who always searches for something new, who always seek to discover more stories that share similar plots or elements with a series that I’ve liked. Then, you must have asked the same question that I’ve had before, are there any donghua or anime like Jade Dynasty? The answer is easy, yes, there are and they are plenty.

The story of a young orphan who was absorbed into a cultivation sect but still ended up being bullied is quite common. But as generic as it may be, just like in many fantasies and cultivation donghua, there’s always a plot armor or some kind of godly luck that enables them to get stronger way ahead of their peers. At times, it is either good or evil, but what matters is that they can cultivate and get stronger to protect what they must protect.

In  line with this, I have listed here 10 donghua and anime like Jade Dynasty that fans should check out next.

10 Donghua & Anime Like Jade Dynasty (Zhu Xian)

Jun You Yun | Leading the list is the Chinese wuxia donghua from Bilibili which was adapted from a novel by Zhou Munan. Just like Jade Dynasty, both MCs hide a special power deep inside of them that they can’t control yet, and at times, it feels like this power is malevolent. Both donghua also features pretty decent fight scenes, though, I must say Word of Honor has the upper hand in that aspect.

  • 2] The Outcast

Yi Ren Zhi Xia | The MC in this donghua/anime also has a dark past and secrets that many people will die to acquire. Zhang Xiaofan from Jade Dynasty also has the same on his end. The Outcast though is more driven on the martial arts side with a bit of fantasy and magic that is rooted in Chinese schools of ideologies such as Daoism.

Next is absolutely one of the biggest growers for me all these years which enables it to become one of Chinese cultivation donghuaA Record of A Mortal’s Journey to Immortality excels in delivering a compelling and relatable story. It feels so human to have an MC who is not overpowered but intelligent enough to keep himself away from danger and also gain so much more in the process.

Xing Chen Bian | Just like how Zhang Xiaofan hides a secret power within him, Qin Yu from Stellar Transformations also have the same, albeit, he was able to fully control and utilize its power for his own benefit. What makes it different from Zhang Xiaofan’s power though is that the one inside of Qin Yu is benevolent. Just like A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality, Stellar Transformations is also among my best donghua about cultivation.

Adapted from a novel by Er Gen, A Will Eternal is probably the best 2D donghua that revolves around the cultivation that we had out there. It is packed with so much action and with even more effective humor than Jade Dynasty, plus, its MC is one of the most adorable characters to ever exist in Chinese animation.

Yong Sheng | Surprising one of the best donghua of 2022 that I’ve ever seen. This Chinese cultivation donghua shares so many similarities with the Jade Dynasty starting from both MCs having forbidden power hidden inside of them up to joining the sects that both seek to acquire these evil powers.

Here’s a title that many manhua fans might be quite familiar with and even donghua fans since this had been adapted into a donghua twice already. The first one was in 2015, and this 2022, iQIYI has adapted it once again to bring forth exciting stories and adventures of climbing to the top of the cultivation world.

  • 8] Spirit Blade Mountain

Here’s another 2D donghua in this list and probably a familiar name to many anime fans out there since this donghua had been released in Japanese dub several years ago. Spirit Blade Mountain is also known as Reikenzan.

  • 9]Banished Disciple’s Counterattack (King of Martial Arts)

Xianwu Dizun | A story of revenge and a whole lot more, this donghua is about a disciple who was kicked out of his sect but eventually return to prove his own might. Well, this actually reminds me of Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation too.

  • 10] The Legend of Jade Sword

Mang Huang Ji | A donghua from 2015, The Legend of Jade Sword is another familiar title to many of you. It features an action and fantasy-adventure story of rising to the top.



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