Will There Be a Purple River Season 2 (Zichuan) Donghua?

Purple River (Zichuan) episode 42 just aired this September 20 and it marks the finale of the exciting donghua adaptation of the novel which gives us a Game of Thrones vibe in the style of Chinese animation. It ended in such a nerve-wracking and emotionally compelling denouncement for its 1st season it features the main character Zichuan Xiu on the run. Much like any other donghua and anime we had seen in years, that scene actually reminded me of Xiao Yan’s fled from Jia Ma Empire during the Battle Through The Heavens: Three-Year Agreement.


With all the betrayal and drama, the politics in this donghua continues as it left us all craving for more. Now, this leaves a huge void which will be the driving force for fans to ask the question “Will there be a Purple River Season 2? Will the story of Zichuan’s donghua continue? What will happen to Axiu in Purple River Season 2?” and the list of questions keeps on crushing down like a heavy downpour.

Purple River Season 2 (Zichuan) Updates.


 As a donghua that centered on a plot with plenty of Western elements, Purple River is a rare gem among its peers. Personally, I felt like watching a Western fantasy story with the influence of those from Game of Thrones, and Tolkien’s works (Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, etc). Since the donghua ended, Chinese anime fans had been speculating about Purple River Season 2 although, it may take quite a while until we eventually get an update about its release. Although, I think we’ll get confirmation whether a 2nd season is on its way soon.


After all, Purple River left us all with the main character Axiu on the run, escaping for his life after the intense struggles and dilemmas he went through. While we are not sure yet whether Zichuan is getting a 2nd season until an official announcement has been revealed…..

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